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Piedmont Police Department

 Nearly a Century of Service to the Piedmont Community Minimize

The Piedmont Police Department consists of 11 full-time Officers and 8 Reserve Officers. The Department offers assistance with the School District by having Sergeant Tony Jobe serve as the School Resource Officer.

The Department offers two Accident Investigators and a K-9 Officer.  The Piedmont Police Department also has the assistance of a volunteer Communications Officer, Ron Sonheim.

The Mobile Communications Unit provides a backup source of radio communications in the event of power is lost within the city. It also provides inter-operability with surrounding agencies.  The Mobile Communications Center was funded by a Grant from Homeland Security. 

Contact Information Minimize

325 Piedmont Rd N
Piedmont, OK 73078

Phone: (405) 373-1334
In case of emergency, dial 911

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 Community Programs Minimize

Piedmont Police Department officers services to the community that many citizens are unaware of.  They are as follows:

  • Extra Patrol Requests: When you and your family are out of town call the Police Department and request your house be put on our watch list.  Through out their shifts, Officers will patrol your residence.
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: If several residents in your neighborhood are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch Program the police department will provide basic information to help your programs get started and develop to meet your neighborhood needs.
  • Ride Along Program: Applications can be picked up at the Piedmont Police Department.  Please submit your completed form at least 48 hours prior to the date you wish to ride.  All applications will have the final approval of the Chief.

The City of Piedmont's TRIAD is made up of different age groups.  Participation from all groups brings a wealth of learning and experiences to be shared with the entire community.  Also, TRIAD is devoted to the prevention and reduction of crimes against our aging population.

Piedmont TRIAD has initiated a program to supply Seniors with 911 Emergency cell phones.

All TRIAD members have been trained to man the phones should the Piedmont Police ever have to initiate the Amber Alert System.

"Covered by TRIAD" is another project to help the Piedmont Police Department.  Fleece blankets were provided for each patrol car in case of accidents or injuries.

In March of 2003, our TRIAD members were had raised enough money to buy a portable defibrillator for the Police Department.

Piedmont's TRIAD members prove to valuable assets to the Police Department as well as the Community.

Also, members of the department are available for speaking engagements (i.e. Civic groups, Churches, Scout meetings, etc.) Just call the Police Department and leave the type of topics you wish to have covered, the location, and time and date of the event with one of the Clerks.  Please give at least 1 week prior notice to the event.

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